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What I look at when looking for a new job

Published on 17/06/2022
BTW, what do you look at when looking for a new job?

In an interview I had, the interviewer asked me if I have some questions, any questions about the company, like company culture, if that matters at all. I had prepared and asked more than 10 questions. That made me looking like it was me interviewing them.

Does company culture matter at all? SURE IT DOES! I had a course in Organisation Change Management and learnt so much about the importance of cultural factors in organisational changes. Culture is very subjective in individuals but company culture can be built and institutionalised. Company culture becomes a shared value in company members and it drives members going in the same direction.

In a scenario of employment

Company A: We need someone to finish the project.
Company B: We are looking for someone to be part of the team.

Both companies will hire competent candidates. But the expression from company B explicitly emphasises the value of being a team member. It even has a warm touch and a bit of humanity comparing with the blunt coldness in the other expression.

Here's the list of question I asked in the interview.

  1. Why expand the team?
  2. How many people do you have and what’s the structure and people like?
  3. What is a typical day like in the frontend development team?
  4. What do you think of the management in the company?
  5. What technologies do you use?
  6. What’s the workload like?
  7. How do you manage the time when the workload is light?
  8. What will the orientation/onboarding process be like?
  9. What personal development opportunities have you offered?
  10. How do you allocate/manage tasks?
  11. What have you done for team building?
  12. What was it like in the last lockdown?
  13. There are many big or small competitors in the market.
  14. What makes this company different?
  15. The future direction of the company?
  16. Is there anything else I should have asked about?

But anyways, this topic is very subjective. Some people like a bit team building in a company but some people just sharply get the job done, get paid and live the after-work life. No right or wrong. But if you do value the cultural factors in a company, hope those questions can be helpful in your interview to know a bit deeper about the company you're willing to join.

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