Building websites to help achieving your excellent business ideas
Heylo, I’m a self-taught web developer who started my career as a UI designer[1]. Fullstack is my label, but I’m keen to invest more time in something visually-pleasing.

How I build

1. Planning

Understand the idea behind the need of a website and gather requirements.

2. Budgeting

Estimate a timeline, decide services, know the cost, set rate, make contract.

3. Design

Design for the destination devices and audiences. Start with mockups then high-definition design.

4. Development

CMS-driven or static, develop from backend to frontend.

5. Preview & Iteration

Provide preview link to get client involved for process and feedback.

6. Go-live & Support

Publish the website and provide further support for updating or maintenance.

Tech I prefer

Which CMS is the best? Is React better than Vue.js? Do I use CSS3? Or does it all matter at all? [2] If the client has a preference, or a special device or server only supports a particular programming language, that’s great and let’s go with that. Otherwise, here’s some technologies I prefer.

Google Domains
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Cockpit CMS
Site Ground

Work I've done

Here’s some websites I built sorted by the date of go-live.

IANNN.xyzNetlify, Nuxt 3, GraphCMS, Mailgun, Recaptcha Enterprise
icoffee.appJAMStack, Firebase
Benz Mini SiteJAM Stack, GraphCMS, Netlify, Vue.js
Sunshine Cleaning ServiceJAMStack, CSS, Project Management, Client Service
IanC.devJAMStack, Vue.js, CSSGrid, Figma, Netlify, GraphCMS, FaaS
Orivon Online Exam/TrainingPhotoshop, Slicing, HTML, CSS