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The first blog

Published on 10/04/2020
The start.

If you're from the home page I guess you've known I use PHP at work and I'm a full-stack developer. A bit shame that I don't get a lot frontend work at work. So to keep my frontend knowledge updated and broaden my horizon I build some small projects, including my own website.

Initially I wanted to build my own website on Github Page, but soon I realize I would want more flexibility and expandability. At that time I was fascinated by headless CMS, which can keep me away from the boredom from WordPress - yes I made so many WordPress based websites - it's not saying that it's bad, but just need to move on haha.

Yeh, so, headless CMS. I tried Cockpit,, then found GraphCMS, which also led me to learn GraphQL. Then I was so lucky to have Netlify jumping to my sight. Funny that I was always scared away by VPS configuration and … Docker. I think my projects don't need to bother VPS and Netlify is just the right solution for me. I was so excited discovered that and soon I build the first version of this website. 

I tried some relatively new technologies like Flex, CSS grid, ES6, and React for sure. React wasn't my first choice actually. Cuz I use Vue.js at work so it's more familiar to me. But React is such a hotness and I just could't refuse to try a bit. It has many similarities and differences to Vue.js. To me Vue.js is more frontend friendly. Maybe just because I started with that first? 

Now I just added this blog. Also I migrated everything away from GraphCMS and Netlify to Firebase. I bet the free quota of Firebase should be enough for this site haha. Well, this is a good start. Also I experienced OAuth. A bunch of code got refactored and I believe there's room for improvement still. Definitely will discuss with my React mentor for some sparks. 

What's in the TODO list? Firebase function, cache to persist what I've written before save, and more code refactor.

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