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Published on 19/04/2020
Hopefully I can write something beneficial to other devs.

To practice the relatively new React Redux Hooks I've refactored blog and Firebase operations to use Redux. New hooks are easier to use comparing to mapStateToProps. Centralization of DB & API operations into reducers makes projects neat and more manageable. Although it does increase the complexity of project, like file structure. It's what I experienced from this round of refactor.

One more thing is about Redux Thunk (or Saga) was something I suddenly understood when I looked for a hook to run something after dispatch. I'm trying to say I really get better understanding of how things work in real projects. That's why I crave more chances to try and learn. If I don't then I will make something to solve little problems.

I plan to make collaborative shopping list with Firebase real-time database. I had this idea when last time my families sending their new year souvenir wish list. They needed to know what has been on the list and modify the list. I've seen something similar. So the idea I think will be like, once you land on the site and start writing, you'll get a unique URL to share around so others can contribute to the list.

I thought about websockets and watched some tutorials then realized the data has to be persisted so Firebase real-time database will be the right choice. Let's see how it goes 😄

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