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Webhooks: GraphCMS and Mailgun

Published on 14/03/2021
Hook services together with webhooks.

I had a dev group and the other day I saw them discussing how to build a Webhook system. So I replied something like

  • webhook is basically data driven
  • decide what event (what data change) can trigger a webhook
  • decide what hooks the system support
    • e.g. a new customer is created
    • or a new blog is written
  • an UI to register URLs (webhooks)
  • using whatever server side language
  • communicate via the registered URL with other systems

That should be an easy webhook system I think.

I so far don't have a real-life project to build a system like that. But I realize GraphCMS offers Webhooks on data creation, update and deletion. I think I can send email notification to subscribers when new blog publish. So I made a subscribe widget on Blog page.

Webhook flow chart

To trigger email notification, In this case, I write new blog in GraphCMS, so its webhook helps to communicate with Netlify function to call Mailgun to send emails. My old website had a blog editor so I could call Mailgun just from my site on client side or server side without bothering webhooks.

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