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Rewrite the website in Vue.js

Published on 27/04/2020
Rewrite is a good way to learn by comparison and contract.

Rewrite the website has been super fun. Not just the case that I prefer Vue.js. I also had mind-opening discuss with other dev friends.

Loving refactor is a requirement I saw in a job description. I believe this website is a relatively simple project but it actually has many aspects can be polished including variable naming, file structure, cache logic and the appearance. Just now I realize this Write Blog page should prevent refresh and exit if I'm writing haha. Whatever written has been cached tho, a basic confirm dialog avoid losing data at early stage. Also I have to figure out how to backup my blogs, how to change the meta title in Vue Router.

TODO list:

  • Add confirm dialog to prevent refresh and exit.
  • Add logic to prevent duplicated actions like Save and Sign in.
  • Dynamic meta title.
  • Button animation.
  • Refactor to some custom components.

I think I'll start the collab shopping list project with Vue.js. Lockdown is bad but it saves me time on commute. Need to make the most of it haha. 

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